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Green Cars and Today’s Economy

Buying a vehicle that is environmentally friendly when compared to other motor vehicles is not only good for the planet; it is good for personal and country wide economic situations. Green cars have a myriad of advantages, few disadvantages and are sure to provide peace of mind to the driver. Understanding how the green car can help the economy and personal expenses can help determine which vehicle to consider for the next new car purchase.


The advantages of owning a green car are variable. It can range from obtaining cheap auto insurance and cheap car insurance quotes to improving the health of the planet. Understanding the advantages can make the process of choosing a car simpler.

* Low cost insurance is one of the major benefits of a green car. Eco-friendly vehicles are not prone to theft and have a much lower incidence of car accidents when compared to vehicles that are not environmentally friendly. This difference in theft and accidents combined with the green measures added to the vehicle results in a lower insurance cost. Despite the lower risks, it is still important to seek insurance for green cars because accidents caused by other drivers might still occur.

* Lower gas costs are another benefit of green vehicles. The green cars have a much higher number of miles driven per gallon of gas used, resulting in more cost savings when driving.

* The creation of jobs is another advantage of green vehicles, particularly as it relates to the economy. Green technology requires numerous jobs to create the newest advances in eco-friendly vehicles. As more jobs are created, the economy of the country is improved.

* Better air quality is another factor involved in the green vehicle. By putting out lower levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses into the environment, the air quality improves as pollution decreases.

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